Asturias, Spain, 2013

Former Fort Ord, 2003

David and Dan, Sevilla, Spain, 2005


" There is nothing more expensive than cheap engineering."


History and philosophy


 Water and 
 Wastewater Engineering 

To quote one of Dan's favorite sayings,


In 1998, David Norris started Norris Associates with his father, Dan Norris, to provide personalized consulting engineering expertise to the water and wastewater industry in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.


Following Dan's passing in 2008, David has continued the tradition of working with operators and engineers to develop practical solutions based on empirical experience.


At the heart of every design should be a well thought out, value-oriented approach.  That means considering the most efficient use of resources to meet the project objectives over its entire service life.


For true sustainability, this involves thinking in the long term, sometimes in the very long term.